What We Do

Orchestr8 What we do pageUsing Orchestr8’s exclusive 8-point analysis and questionnaire, we evaluate our client’s existing business and their plans for marketing and expansion.   After we have a clear picture of where they are and where they’d like to go, we flesh out a detailed plan to bring the ideas to life.  In developing this blueprint, we draw on an extensive background in marketing, logistics, budgeting and event production.  Once we’re locked in, we begin executing and constructing the design, schedules and budgets essential to delivering optimal benefits for our clients.

We continually review the many elements of the project to make sure we’re covering all the bases and frequently revisit the vision to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.  Thorough analysis and reporting on each project ensure that resources are well spent.  We make sure our clients’ projects are delivered…

On time.  Under budget.  In harmony.

Business and Marketing Consulting

Different, leader, best, unique and discrimination conceptOur consulting services guide our clients in crystallizing their vision and provide a cohesive plan for making that concept a reality.  We work with existing brands to market or reposition them, and we guide clients in taking their ideas from the drawing board to market.

Along the way, we continually ask:

  1. Are we in alignment with the vision?
  2. Are we on track with our detailed plan?
  3. Are we having fun?

We’ve provided Business Consulting to great brands such as the Center for Advanced Neurosurgery, Johnson & Johnson/Tylenol, Hanes, Wonderbra, and Celtic Sea Salt, among others.

Let’s discuss how Orchestr8 can design the marketing plan you need, by providing consulting services including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Visioning and organization charting
  • Job descriptions
  • Process planning
  • Branding including logo development, brand ID and graphic standards
  • Financial and sales analysis
  • Marketing strategic planning and calendar development
  • Tactical execution including guerilla marketing
  • Social media programs
  • Communications programs including direct mail and Constant Contact
  • Graphic Design, Printing, Production

Event Production

iStock_000009985974SmallWe produce world-class events that inspire, engage and build support for brands and organizations.  From initial concept to the smallest executional detail, we help our clients turn an idea for an event into the reality of a packed arena, a glittering black tie gala, or an extraordinary corporate conference.

Let’s talk about how Orchestr8 can produce the event you envision by providing Event Production services including:

  • Visioning
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Collaboration with participating organizations, volunteers and committees
  • Logo development, graphic design, printing and production
  • Negotiating with and managing venues and vendors
  • Ticket pricing and execution
  • Sponsorship proposals, communications and red carpet treatment
  • VIP programs
  • Social media and communications programs

We’ve produced events for Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion, UofL Physicians, the Brain Injury Alliance, and EarthSave to name a few.