Our clients are the reason for our success.  Here’s what they have to say about working with us.

Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.12.29 AM Deep into the planning of a visit by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Steering Committee hired Colleen to help us accomplish what was beginning to seem like an impossible task. We needed someone to help organize the details of three days of major events with a combined attendance of over 20,000 and were faced with issues related to funding, volunteers, security, venue and building community relationships. Working with Colleen on Taste of Health, I had seen her ability to provide structure and navigate through myriad details. She immediately jumped in and got us on track. Colleen intuitively mastered what the rest of us hadn’t been able to figure out after months of work.

From the macro to the micro, Colleen’s fearless in envisioning big things and then putting the elements into place to achieve something extraordinary. In all of my years of business and volunteering, I’ve never worked with anyone who is better at organizing and implementing than she is. There isn’t another human being I know who could have accomplished what she did for Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion.

On top of her extraordinary organizing and implementing skills, she is a delight to work with. She never lost her sense of humor and good attitude throughout months of exhausting work. She navigated through a wide array of personalities and cultures with grace, and her good spirit kept us light in some very tough moments. Whenever I need someone to do the seemingly impossible, Colleen is the first person I call.

– John Borders, Borders and Borders Attorneys
Steering Committee Member, Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.22.45 AM

The wise, efficient, graceful and highly professional guidance that Colleen offered the Steering Committee was a treasure beyond what I could have imagined!  We didn’t even realize how much we needed her until she got started and then we thought, “why didn’t we call her sooner!”  She worked well as a partner and a leader of our diverse groups of committed volunteers.  Her attention to the wider picture “critical path” while capturing even the smallest detail helped make our three-day event memorable, and kept us on a tight budget.

– Anne Walter, Chair, Dalai Lama Engaging Compassion

Center for Advanced Neurosurgery

can.logo.neurosurgeryRebuilding a university-based clinical neurosurgical practice at breakneck speed while developing a secondary rehabilitation practice within the same department requires an ability to see the bigger vision while managing small details simultaneously. We were recruiting physicians, residents, midlevel health care providers and plenty of staff, at the same time as developing its necessary systems and processes.

We hired Colleen in the middle of this and she embedded as if she’d participated from the beginning, yet retained a freshness as a non-medical provider. Colleen penetrated the complex academic and clinical elements, asking strategic questions that allowed us to always move forward.

Colleen created a “Lunch & Learn” series to help educate the staff and create strong relationships with providers. She helped structure our management team to improve communication and project reporting. She developed information pieces to market our physicians both within the university as well as throughout the community, including an intra-department newsletter.

Colleen is professional, organized, budget-conscious and extremely productive. Not to mention incredibly pleasant to work with!

– Jonathan E. Hodes, MD

UofL Physicians

UntitledOrchestr8 provides business coordination and marketing services at a level of performance rarely found in the consulting world. Colleen mobilizes her corporate experience to guide her clients’ decisions and tactics with a depth of strategic vision that goes beyond basic marketing.

Orchestr8 has provided UofL Physicians Neurosurgery with expertise related to high-level organizational strategy, identity creation, brand marketing, web marketing, event management, community outreach and relationship management.

Colleen combines fresh, creative ideas with a mastery of detail and a commitment to a high standard of production. Orchestr8 is a boon to any professional who needs to get the job done with precision and finesse.

– Krista Kane, Director of Academic Affairs,  UofL Physicians Neurosurgery

Cindy Borders Jewelry

Cindy BordersI am so thrilled with Colleen’s consulting and guidance!  I hired Colleen to help me to formulate a business and marketing plan for my small business that was experiencing fast local growth and showed potential for national distribution.  From her referrals, I knew that she could provide me with a plan and a critical path.  I expected for her to motivate me (or kick me in the pants!) to address the areas of the business that I was less interested in and then hire people to take care of tasks that I didn’t want to do.  I knew she’d help me get organized and off the dime to get my website up and running.  She did all this and more. What I did not expect was that she also has a true awareness of the need for balance and integrity in business.  As the mother of three small children, I emphasized my need to grow the business but not to sacrifice time with my family. She honored this in all of the plans we developed and incorporated time for my family and my other pursuits.  This had the paradoxical effect of actually making my work time more efficient and rewarding.  Having an organized, well-thought out plan and time to execute it provided me with the necessary mental space to focus on my work. Colleen’s guidance and refreshing approach to business have transformed my home and my company.

– Cindy Borders, Jewelry Designer

Brain Injury Alliance

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.37.07 PMWith just three weeks to go before our major fundraising event, the event planner quit. Colleen stepped in and pulled the entire event together with incredible efficiency.  I was amazed at what she was able to accomplish in such a short time.  I immediately hired her to produce all of our events.  Over the next nine years, she built the “Brain Ball” from a small fundraiser to our signature event.  It is now a community happening that other organizations schedule their events around.  She did this all with ease, confidence and a great deal of flair.  I can’t imagine managing an event without her contributions.

– Melinda Mast, former 
Executive Director, The Brain Injury Alliance

Adrio Orthodontics

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 4.27.51 PMI brought Colleen on board to assist with the marketing of my Orthodontic and Periodontic practice. From the moment I met her I was impressed with her insight, professionalism, organizational skills and creativity. She dove in and learned everything she could about the services I provide, including developing a detailed cost analysis that showed me exactly where my profit opportunities were. She then developed a Marketing Plan that has been easy to implement and track. By following her suggestions, we have increased our patient referrals from general dentists and existing patients. She developed a synergistic advertising program that utilizes our building as a giant billboard, which has actually resulted in walk-in business, practically unheard of in orthodontics. Colleen also encouraged me to think outside the box and develop an educational program for referring dentists which has raised our visibility in the profession and led to many referrals. My practice has grown 15% this past year due to Colleen’s recommendations.

– Dr. Rick Adrio, Adrio Orthodontics and Periodontics


toh.logofrancesEarthSave’s signature event, the Taste of Health, had taken a big leap of faith in relocating to a larger venue and partnering with the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement. We needed world-class event planning and marketing to fulfill our potential as an event that would change the health habits of our community. We were honored when Colleen agreed to co-chair the event and handle the marketing as a pro bono project. And what a project it turned out to be!  Colleen handled much more than she originally agreed to take on. The event could easily have fallen apart without her talent and dedication. Colleen handled everything from the direct mail and signage to even appearing on-air with homemade muffins to promote the event. Taste of Health went off without a hitch and was our most successful event to date, reaching over 2,000 attendees with the message of healthy eating and a healthy planet.

– Jennifer Rubenstein