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Colleen Mahon, CSEP

Some people were born to sing or throw a baseball.  

I was born to create order out of chaos…

As a child I had an “office” in the basement and was known to organize the pantry and color-code the linen closet.  My career path has been a spectrum of corporate and consulting adventures…all of which have led me to my dream job as Orchestr8′s “conductor”.

I began my career as an intern at Long John Silver’s where I mastered pie charts, graphs and sales mix.  I learned that analysis and comprehension are the first steps in determining where you are and where you want to go.  Later, while running accounts at ad agencies, I added strategic planning, design, production and client service to my skill set.

Corporate Marketing was the next building block.  At KFC/PepsiCo I managed the marketing for company restaurants in a four-state area and partnered with franchisees to develop their own local marketing programs.  At Hanes/Hanes Her Way I led the team that created the “Megabrand”, merging marketing activities across seven Business Units and more than a dozen brands.  We invented the concept of “Action Alley” in Wal-mart, and you have us to thank for those ubiquitous back-to-school pallets.  Rolling out these marketing programs required a flair for the theatrical, and I gained expertise in producing live programs and hosting events.

I began my consulting career with Wonderbra, Celtic Sea Salt and Johnson & Johnson where I worked with clients to develop and execute retail co‑operative and marketing plans.

Along the way I began incorporating personal development
and mindfulness into my life and how I run my business.

It’s not enough for me to help you sell a bunch of widgets.  I want to know how you got into your business, why it is important to you, and how we can instill your values into your project.   Only then do we break out the spreadsheets!

For me, being a consultant means asking the right questions, developing unique creative solutions and making the execution as seamless and fun as possible for my clients.

I get a big kick out of bringing something from a spark of an idea to the final, tangible creation.  The result may be a beautiful billboard on the front of an orthodontist’s office, an event that raises big bucks for a worthy non-profit, or thousands of happy seekers sharing a profound moment with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Or it may be something that until now has existed only in your mind’s eye.  I’d like to help you bring it to life.